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Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Portabel synt, sampler, 16-spårs sequencer, kopplas med iPhone över bluetooth, två oktavers knappklaviatur

För över sex år sedan släppte Teenage Engineering OP-1 som revolutionerade bilden av portabla syntar och arbetstationer. OP-Z bygger vidare på samma koncept men fortsätter att flytta gränsen för vad som är möjligt att göra.

16 kanalers sequencer, mer DSP-kraft och en väldigt snål batteriförbrukning gör OP-Z till det perfekta instrumentet att resa med. Dessutom är den endast hälften så stor som OP-1. Saknar du en skärm för visuell feedback finns möjligheten att koppla sin iPhone till OP-Z över bluetooth. Det är även möjligt att använda bilder från din iPhone för att skapa unika ljud.
Keyboard 25 knapptangenter
Sequencer 16 kanaler
  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Percussion
  • Sampler
  • Bass
  • Lead
  • Arpeggio
  • Chords
  • FX slot 1
  • FX slot 2
  • Tape
  • Mixer
  • Midi
  • CV & Trig
  • Light
  • Motion
  • 160 programmerbara patterns
Effekter Uppgraderbara modulär effektarkitektur. Inkluderade effekter: delay, reverb, filters, tremolo etc.
  • 2 oktavers knappklaviatur
  • 51 mekaniska knappar totalt
  • 53 ledlampor som gränssnittsindikation
  • Tryckkänslig pitch bend
  • 4 färgade flerfunktionsrattar
  • Volymratt/På-knapp
  • Parningsknapp för bluetooth
  • 3.5mm utgång
  • Bluetooth 5.0 LE till iPhone
  • USB-C för anslutning
Mikrofon Inbyggd MEMS-mikrofon
Ljudformat 48kHz 24-bit DAC
Medföljande tillbehör
  • USB-C kabel för laddning och datoranslutning
Dimensioner 2125 (B) x 575 (D) x 10 (H) mm

Teenage Engineering OP-Z is a completely stand-alone synthesizer and composer, ready to to be used at anytime and anywhere, but for those of you who need that extra injection of vibrant graphics, interactive user interface and awesome synced animations to feel inspired, we introduce the concept of BYOS - bring your own screen. you already have the phone with that gorgeous retina display in your pocket, right? 

Just download the OP-Z app, pair the two devices and you are all set. add cellular connectivity, wifi and powerful graphics processing to that and the concept certainly makes sense. all this tech when connected to the OP-Z adds several unique features. like using the phone's camera, snapping a series of photos and arranging them to a beat, creating a synchronised music video ’a-la-minute’.  

it's been over six years since teenage engineering released OP-1, the revolutionary portable all-in-one synthesizer which has now become an icon in the music industry.to be honest, many were skeptical at launch, labeling it as a toy and not a real synthesizer because of its color coded knobs, its creative user interface, and for some it was just because of its size – a synthesizer has to be big to sound big right? today, with the introduction of the all new OP-Z, we will push the boundaries even further. this time the machine is so small we guarantee it will upset you. it's about half the size of OP-1, but comes with more dsp power that consumes less energy so now you can fly the atlantic 4 times back and forth, sequencing complete songs on 16 dedicated tracks before you run out of power. when ready to land, just slide it in your inner pocket. still, OP-Z is about a lot more than just composing music. the Z stands for the third dimension, the depth, the creativity involved in making music. imagine animated art and videos that accompany your live show, or sequenced lighting, all the way down to composing your own interactive software. some people would call the OP-Z, a dream machine!

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