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Session 30BT MK III

Allas favorit övningsförstärkare är tillbaka och nu uppdaterad med en tweeter och Bluetooth! Perfekt för övning och skolor. 

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Tredje generationens Session 30 från svenska EBS är en bascombo med 30W uteffekt, förbättrad 8" högtalare samt ett nytt diskantelement, kraftfull EQ, Bluetooth för trådlös streaming av bakgrundsmusik, hörlursutgång samt XLR-utgång för inspelningsbruk.




The new EBS Session 30 Mk3 is an excellent tool to help you grow as a bass player. The honest and natural sound reveals the things you need to work on. It also rewards progress as you develop your skills.

A new feature on the Mk3 is the Bluetooth audio streaming. It makes it possible to play along to music from your smartphone (or pad) without the need to connect any additional cords. With headphones connected, the speaker becomes muted. 

We have added a tweeter and updated the 8-inch speaker to improve both the sound of your bass and the streamed audio.

Use the XLR recording output to connect with your sound recording interface or mixing console without needing an external line box. The recording output signal does not include the streamed audio.

Main features in summary;
pro quality, and powerful EQ filters to shape your sound,
Bluetooth audio streaming for music to play along or listen to,
headphones output for late-night practice, and
an XLR output that you can easily plug into your recording device or use as DI to front-of-house at the gig.

Who is this combo for?
The EBS Session 30 Mk3 is likely the most transparent tiny bass combo you can find and an excellent tool to practice and develop as a bass player. There are no shortcuts to becoming a better bass player. If you want to improve, you need to use tools that reward progress and uncover things you need to work on. In other words, you need a transparent and authentic amp to amplify your sound. 
Are you a seasoned player with a high-quality instrument needing a small and practical amp at home or for backstage warm-up at the gig? Look no further than the EBS Session 30 Mk3. It delivers a high-quality tone in a tiny box, transparent to the sound of your instrument.  

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