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It’s been thirty years since the first Roland Jazz Chorus guitar amplifier made its appearance. With its astonishing “JC” chorus effects and distinctive clear, tonally pure sound, the JC amp has become an industry reference. Uncompromising sound quality, unique chorus, and rugged construction make this amplifier a must-have for any serious musician.

•Legendary “clean” amp with two separate 60 watt RMS power amps (to allow for true stereo chorus)
•Classic silver-cone speakers for vintage Roland Jazz Chorus sound
•Two input channels (Normal/Effect)
•Three-band EQ per channel
•One high and one low input per channel
•Reverb, distortion, adjustable vibrato and true stereo chorus
•Stereo effects loop
•Footswitch jacks control chorus, reverb, distortion

Tillverkare Roland

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