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Classic Line 210

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EBS ClassicLine 210. 2x10 "+ tweeter. 250 Watt RMS, 8 ohm. The ClassicLine 210 is a nice and flexible classic-looking case that is well-behaved on its own in a very large context. The ClassicLine 210 is ported on the backside, reducing vibration ClassicLine is slower than other EBS speakers, which fits well for a bit dirtier bass sound. They have a warm sound but still a good punch if you're banging with your thumb sometimes. Perfect to Combine with an EBS Reidmar 500, Classic 500 (which has matching width when the box is on the top) or HD360, for those who want a small, sharp and compact base rig.

One or two cabinets? ClassicLine 210 feels good on your own, but if you want, you can complete this box with a ClassicLine 112, or another 210 and drive with a valrfi top.

Comes with padded hood.


Configuration 2x 10 "+ 2"

Frequency Response 55 - 18k Hz

Sensitivity 96 dB

Power Rating 250 W RMS

Impedance 8 ohms

Height 49 cm / 19 "

Width 64 cm / 25 "

Depth 34 cm / 13 "

Weight 22.5 kg / 49.5 lbs

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