Tillverkare C.A. Seydel

Blues Session Steel Wilde A

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C.A. Seydel Söhne är en av världens äldsta munspelstillverkare startat redan 1847. Denna modell har rostfria stål tontungor. Ergonomiskt format kromat hölje och mjukt rundat plasthölje. Tysk kvalitet när den är som bäst.

Upp till 5 gånger så lång livslängd jämfört med mässingsplattor.

Tonart: A

Tuning: Wilde Tuning

Special Tuning: Wilde Rock Tuning. Corrosion-free Blues harmonica with stainless steel reeds, ergonomically shaped covers and plastic comb.


Will Wilde Rock Harmonica Tuning

SEYDEL Endorser Will Wilde is the inventor of this Special Tuning which is very well suited for "tougher" musical styles like Hardrock or Blues-Rock. Read here how this tuning was invented and why Will uses it regularely since a few years in his shows:

"I designed the Wilde tuning specifically for playing hard rock and blues-rock on the harmonica. As much as I love the standard Richter tuning, I have always found it frustrating when it comes to playing “rock guitar” style licks, particularly in the upper octave.  The Wilde tuning addresses all of the problems I had with Richter, whilst still retaining the bluesy feel of classic second position harmonica that we all know and love.  

Whereas Richter tuning was primarily designed for playing major chords and the major scale in first position, Wilde tuning is specifically designed for playing second position minor pentatonic and blues scale licks, throughout all three octaves.  

I have always preferred the sound of draw notes and draw bends to blow notes and blow bends, as you can get more expression and a better tone & vibrato from them.  So, on the Wilde tuning ALL of the draw notes bend (from holes one to ten) and your root note lands on a draw in all three octaves.

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Tillverkare C.A. Seydel

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