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Ypodge Fuzz

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YPODGE is a carefully analyzed and tested ”darlington” transistor circuit with implemented features to serve the needs of the user. Germanium fuzz ”tone bender” style with all the classic features and even more. All hand built in Malmö Sweden.

Think about it as a reliable vintage fuzz mixed with modern technology and build to last. Classic features as controlling the gain with your guitar volume, from crunchy to massive fuzz. Or if you desirer long sustain gated fuzz tones. Boosting your amp with a clean, sparkling germanium boost. it's all up to you.

Three matched germanium NOS transistors with a germanium feedback diode. Selected high quality capacitors for best tone and durability. Carbon resistors in the signal chain for more vintage feel. Input frequency knob for setting the amount of bass to enter the circuit to match the response of your amp. Bias knob for fine tuning the transistor. Rolled back for a more “gated” fuzz and increased for boosting the amp.

The pedal runs on -9vdc and should not be “daisy chained”.

There is of course a polarity protection built in to prevent wrong dc. No batteries. True bypass switch.

Suggested start up setting: This pedal as any other vintage germanium fuzzes works best 1st in line after the guitar to prevent impedance problem. Put volume knob at 75% and gain knob at 75-100%. Roll down the volume on the guitar to around 4-6. Start the bias knob around 50% and increase it slowly the get a clean/crunchy tone. Increase the guitar volume to max and enjoy the massive tone bender fuzz. 

Tillverkare Yenka Pedals

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