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Maxverb D1

799,00 kr
Leverans: 2-3 vardagar Fraktkostnad 99 kr


?Three of the most popular reverb sounds available in one pedal
?50s Plate reverb, 60s Spring reverb & the universal music hall
?Digital Reverb
?Constant Volume Curve
?Blend control – fully dry to fully wet
?Reverb Mode Toggle Switch
?Excellent dynamic response
?Simple, easy to use design
?Digital design with True Bypass circuitry
?“Effects on” indicator light
?Original XVIVE tone
?Micro pedal package
?Durable all-metal housing

True Bypass
Reverb Mode Toggle Switch
Blend and Time Controls
Digital Design
Connectors: ¼” Input jack, ¼” Output jack
Power: 9V DC, center (-),
46 mm (W) x 94 mm (D) x 50 mm (H)
1.8 in (W) x 3.7 in (D) x 2.0 in (H)
Compact, rugged metal housing

Tillverkare Xvive

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