Tillverkare Stringjoy

Electric Guitar Light 10-48

159,00 kr
Leverans: 2-3 vardagar Fraktkostnad 99 kr

Vi presenterar stolt Stringjoy i Sverige, dessa handgjorda strängar är tillverkade av bra och provat material för att bibehålla liv och ton längre än en traditionell sträng utan coating. Dessa strängarna levererar jämna och fin klang över hela greppbrädan.


"Sounds like: Warm,Full,Balanced,Well-Rounded"

"I know what you’re thinking: 10 to 48? I thought Light strings went 10 to 46? Yeah well, let me explain…

We do a lot of experimenting around here with different string gauges — I know, we’re nerds — and we love to run the tension math to see how certain sets perform. Through all that, we’ve discovered two inherent problems in a typical 10-46 “Light” set: there are big dips in tension on both the 2nd and 6th strings (.013 and .046, respectively). So, with our Balanced 10s, we fix all that by using a .0135 and a .048 instead.

The result is a set of strings that plays evenly across the entire fretboard and intonates better. So if you’ve been a classic 10s player, you have to give these a try. Seriously."

Core Material: High Carbon Steel

Core Shape: Hexagonal

Wrap Material: Nickel Alloy

Wrap Shape: Roundwound

Tillverkare Stringjoy
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