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Acoustic Natural Bronze 12-54

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Vi presenterar stolt Stringjoy i Sverige, dessa handgjorda strängar är tillverkade av bra och provat material för att bibehålla liv och ton längre än en traditionell sträng utan coating. Dessa strängarna levererar jämna och fin klang över hela greppbrädan.

Looking for a set of acoustic strings that have just the right amount of tension, the right amount of tone, and still have enough volume to annoy your neighbors? Then you need a set of our Light Natural Bronze™ strings.

These are going to work great for most guitarists, since they provide excellent low-end and midrange volume while still being easy on those calluses.

Natural Bronze™  is our take on Phosphor Bronze, which is great at bringing out the the authentic, woody characteristics of an acoustic guitar. It’s this rich copper alloy that gives these strings a distinctly warm, resonant tone. The strings also have a rose gold color so beautiful you’ll want to order an extra set just to frame and hang on the wall.

As an added bonus, component agents in this alloy make these strings especially resistant to corrosion, meaning your strings will sound better, longer. Who wouldn’t like that?

Gauges: .012 – .016 – .024w – .032 – .042 – .054

Tillverkare Stringjoy
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