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B.O.A Dubbelpedal Demoex

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PDP is all about innovation. Case in point, the revolutionary B.O.A Pedal System. So what’s behind this ground-breaking technology? B.O.A. stands for Bow Oriented Action, and the secret is B.O.A.’s patented Flex-Tech footboard. It’s made from a virtually indestructible, yet flexible material that eliminates the need for traditional springs and hinges. The unique footboard acts as the spring, and the result is a pedal with fewer moving parts and ultra-silent action.

The best part is, B.O.A.s are completely adjustable. Simply tweak the tension and throw to your liking and feel the difference that a direct drive pedal can make. The hi-hat includes a direct-pull, springless linkage for quick and smooth playability and the double pedal features a newly engineered low tolerance universal joint to perfectly track every stroke.

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