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Big reverb in a small box!
Mad Professor has captured the beautiful and sought after sound of a huge and bulky tube tank spring reverb and put it in a small box under the name Silver Spring reverb.
Silver Spring reverb is a compact, very easy to use digital/analog -reverb with a pure analog direct signal path. it creates a natural sounding ambient reverb that will not get in the way of your original signal. The SSR's sound is exceptional with a clean signal, but was specifically designed to work equally well with the tougher performance requirements of distorted tone. The SSr can be used before distortion, altough it was primarily designed to go after.
ssr has three controls:

TiMe: Sets the decay time of the reverb
Tone: Adjusts the tone of the reverb signal from warm to bright. Dry signal stays untouched!
reverb: Adds reverb to the dry signal
Here are a couple of settings for you to try:

amp like spring reverb:

• Time: one o'clock
• Tone: eleven o'clock
• Reverb: twelve o'clock

surf tone:

• Time: two o'clock
• Tone: two o'clock
• Reverb: from four o'clock to full

in a studio environment you can try higher tone settings.

Tillverkare Mad Professor

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