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Hand-made in Finland premium quality classic blues/rock pedal that works very well with complex ovedriven amp sound. It's a low compression, high headroom overdrive with high output, and it has a Body knob for adjusting low-mid content and treble. As designer Bjorn Juhl put it: Whereas Little Green Wonder is a TS-style pedal, but one for those who don't generally like TS-style pedals. Big difference between these two pedals would be headroom, distortion style and distortion depth and treble response, output level, function of tone knob, color, symbol....they do share a common layout of mechanical components.

We say:

A great to-go pedal that sits really well in a lot of amps. Also sounds good stacked into a honeybee..

History from Bjorn Juhl:

Little Green Wonder, that came about from Don Rusk of www.tonesafari.com asking what a BJF Tube Screamer would sound like. The result is LGW the name elludes to the green color of the TS-X and the japanese wonder. I guess you could say though that LGW is more for those that don't like TS type pedals. LGW is a high headroom overdrive and a stackable TS of sorts. It is very much up to overdriving distorting amplifiers, but can also be used on it's own or as a smoothing pedal for fuzzes on bright amplifiers. LGW is enjoyed by about the same type of musicians as is the BBOD, LGW and BBOD which also combine well for a smooth sound.

Tillverkare Mad Professor

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