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Relay G70

3495,00 kr

Featuring uncompromised sound quality, rugged reliability and an easy to use design, Relay® G70 and G75 guitar wireless systems offer capabilities that wired cables and traditional wireless systems can’t match. Enjoy pure guitar tone thanks to industry-leading audio specs and the lowest latency of any digital wireless system. Easily add transmitters and instantly switch between instruments—complete with programmable scenes. And you can connect with any standard 1/4” guitar cable—no special cables required.

No other guitar wireless system gives you more confidence onstage. The metal construction ensures that Relay G70 and G75 can withstand serious punishment. You’ll never be stranded with a dead system—the transmitters give you up to 8+ hours of battery life (up to 70 hours standby) using standard AA batteries. Color-coded transmitters ensure visibility on stage. Plus, a built-in tuner and dedicated aux input let you plug straight in, freeing up pedalboard space. If you’ve thought about going wireless but never took the plunge, check out Relay G70 and G75.

Relay G70 and G75 will change the way you think of using wireless on stage. With support for multiple transmitters, it’s now easier than ever to perform with multiple instruments. Unique preset scenes let you control signal routing, levels and more with the press of a footswitch. Quickly match presets and instruments using colored rings on the transmitter and receiver. Keep multiple transmitters ready and seamlessly switch between instruments. And output routing gives you the flexibility to switch between different signal paths for different guitars.

Obviously, nothing is more important than your tone. We’ve been building guitar wireless longer than anyone, and only Relay delivers your tone without compression or compromise. Featuring wider frequency response, next-generation radio technology, and more dynamic range than other wireless systems, Relay ensures that your signal stays pure. You can perform knowing that G70 and G75 will sound just like a cable—maybe even better.

Tillverkare Line 6

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