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Ghetto Stomp Overdrive

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Mättad overdrive inspirerad av gamla tweed och Valco-förstärkare.

Imagine a pedal that actually sounds and feels like natural amp breakup! If it's Tweed, or old Valco tones you seek, look no further. This pedal produces vintage tones, and is very responsive to the guitar's volume knob. This pedal goes in the range of fuzz and distortion, while retaining the feel of natural tube amp breakup and sag. Gain, Tone, and Level knobs allow the player a great amount of flexibility. This pedal is wonderful in meshing with one's current overdrive sound and can even be used as a rhythm distortion. The Ghetto Stomp stacks beautifully with other drives, as well. Fat and lovely, this is the player's pedal.

***CUSTOM YELLOW BC107B LIMITED EDITION--built using NOS BC107B transistors that have more oomph and gain than current production ones, in limited GREER YELLOW enclosures, these Ghetto Stomps have a bit more rasp, gain, and oomph in them. These are currently in limited supply, while we search for more of the NOS transistors.

• On tour with Rick Holmstrom (Mavis Staples) and Casey Meyer (Jim Quick and Coastline)! Used in studio by Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)!
• Classic small Tweed and VALCO type tones!
• Stacks well with other drives!
• Very flexible, with multiple tones available!
• Natural amp-like feel, touch sensitive, very responsive to pick attack!
• True Bypass!
• Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply.
• Built with top quality components
• Lifetime Warranty to the original owner!
• Pedals are currently built to order, and ship within 1-2 weeks of your order and payment

Tillverkare Greer Amps

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