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Touché SE

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Touché SE är en unik produkt för keyboardister och musiker som letar efter nya sätt att utrycka sig på! 

Detta är en hardware controller med USB för att styra valfri mjukvara, den erbjuder väldigt möjlighet som innan inte har varit möjligt. Du kan tappa, trycka, glida på den för att styra olika funktioner! Styra ett mjukvarufilter med hjälp av fingerspetsarna! 

Touché SE (“Software Edition”) is an instrument for adding expression, depth and musicality to software synthesizers and plug-ins. It responds to both the lightest and the most intense gestures, giving users immediate, intuitive control of their sounds. Musicians, producers and sound designers can unlock instant, real-time control of multiple parameters at once, creating complex and evolving new sounds using intuitive slides, taps and touches on the Touché SE control surface. 

Additionally, Touché SE’s companion software Lié allows users to easily host and unlock the true potential of their third-party VST instrument library. Users can quickly map parameters to the Touché SE interface, creating sounds and performances with an expressive depth they may never have realised their software was capable of.

  • A beautifully engineered hardware control instrument with a patented mechanism, capable of reacting to the slightest touch over multiple simultaneous axes of movement.

  • Includes more than 250 professionally designed software instrument sounds, fully mapped and ready to play.

  • Control multiple plug-in parameters at once, using intuitive gestures to produce extraordinary shifts in sound.

  • Conveniently browse sounds using physical buttons on the hardware.

  • Host your own third-party VST plug-in instruments and unlock hidden depths of expression. Over 250 presets for popular VST software synthesizers are also included.

Tillverkare Expressive E

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