New Products
  1. Satellite USB Microphone
    Samson Satellite USB Microphone
    Approx. 167,81 €
  2. Micro-Tron IV Vintage Silver
    Mu-Tron Micro-Tron IV Vintage Silver
    Approx. 354,79 €
  3. Hang Loose Unisex T-Shirt L
    Fender Hang Loose Unisex T-Shirt L
    Approx. 20,47 €
  4. T8V (Par)
    Adam T8V (Par)
    Approx. 560,75 €
  5. Ages
    Walrus Audio Ages
    Approx. 214,56 €
  6. Hook Loop Love Bright Purple
    Pedaltrain Hook Loop Love Bright Purple
    Approx. 14,86 €
  7. iRig Video Creator Bundle
    IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator Bundle
    Approx. 116,77 €
  8. Capo - Six String Guitar
    A Damn Fine Capo - Six String Guitar
    Approx. 18,60 €
  9. Dirty 30s Triple 0 Series 9
    Recording King Dirty 30s Triple 0 Series 9
    Approx. 223,91 €
  10. YC61
    Yamaha YC61
    Approx. 1 999,75 €

Customer Service

We would like to hear from you! Do you have questions about products or a shipment? Are you looking for something special and can't find it on our page? Maybe some more photos of that stunning guitar in Sonic Blue with a Maple neck? Please call, mail or chat with us! We are looking forward to hear from you!

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Independent & Proud

Malmö Musikaffär is one of the oldest music stores in Sweden which dates back to the mid 20's. Today we are the biggest independent music store with a wide selection of the best products from the biggest manufacturers. We are also one of Europes biggest boutique and custom dealers with our own import from both small and big makers and luthiers from all over the world.

As always we are totally independent music store, without any involvement from big chains or any others. This is because we want to guarantee our customers that we stand behind our products to 100%!

Recent Posts
  1. Astoria AST3H Head
    Campaign Marshall Astoria AST3H Head
    Approx. 1 682,82 €
  2. Super Chili Picoso 43% Discount
    Campaign Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso
    Approx. 149,12 €
    Approx. 83,67 €
  3. SFT V2 Bass Overdrive 7% Discount
    Campaign Catalinbread SFT V2 Bass Overdrive
    Approx. 231,39 €
    Approx. 214,56 €