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Magni 500 2x10"

6995,00 kr

Awarded amp design. The Magni 500 combos are professional sounding, competitive bass combos incorporating the awarded Reidmar lightweight amp design. They benefit from the Soft Clip technique (known from the EBS Reidmar amplifiers) that preserves the solid bottom on higher volumes. The excellent analog preamp offers highly effective filters and is equipped with the useful Notch-filter, to prevent feedback that may evolve from certain frequencies in some venues.

Double-ported cabinet. The EBS Magni 500 combos are ported on the front AND back, for better bass response, especially in smaller venues.

Extra features. Enjoy the seemlessly controlled onboard Compressor, the aux input option to play along to music, and the output to connect your headphones. With the balanced XLR-output, you can connect your amp to front-of-house or recording device without need of an external DI-box.

2x10" or 1x15"? The EBS Magni 500 is available in two configurations, the 210 (2x10” + tweeter) and the 115 (1x15” + tweeter). The choice is up to you and your preferences of the perfect bass sound! Both combos are equipped with a Speakon output to connect an extra 8 ohm speaker of choice, if needed...

The EBS Magni 500 bass combos will be delivered with a protective cover. It is switchable from 120/230V.

Tillverkare EBS

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