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WIDI Master Wireless Midi

WIDI Master is your virtual MIDI cable.
Bluetooth MIDI is the new wireless standard as approved by the MMA.
Now you can connect all your MIDI devices - without computers - without cables - with MIDI over Bluetooth!

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With WIDI Master you can connect all your MIDI devices without wires. No matter if they are master or slave. For instance, you can connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices by using two WIDI Masters. Furthermore, you can pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device with one WIDI Master. Also, you can play your standalone MIDI hardware with any iOS device or Mac by using one WIDI Master. In this last case WIDI Master will switch automatically to slave mode using our smart algorithm.

We offer a complete solution that will save you time and expand your opportunities with MIDI. For instance, you can pair your MIDI devices automatically. Also, we have built a secure connection implementing the Bluetooth MIDI standards as approved by the MIDI association. 

Bluetooth MIDI has originally been developed by Apple, WIDI will operate with Apple seamlessly. On Windows PC Bluetooth MIDI requires your music software to implement Microsoft’s new UWP API which includes BLUETOOTH MIDI class compliant driver. You need to be able to set that functionality in the software you use.

  • Point to point MIDI connectivity: Simply replace your MIDI cables. Rearrange your studio and enjoy the freedom of WIDI
  • Bluetooth 5: Go Faster, Go Further: Trusted technology for live and on stage. Secure connection with twice the speed and four times the range
  • Ultra low latency: Go pro with ground-breaking latency reduction as low as 4ms. Automatic transmission optimization with smart algorithmic technology
  • Automatic pairing: Setup instantly. Connect easily. Intuitive plug ‘n play with automatic master/slave switch and default pairing memory
  • MIDI Clock and SysEx: Sync your drum machines, step sequencers and arpeggiators. Transmit all MIDI messages over Bluetooth
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