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Belle Epoch Tape Echo

2395,00 kr
Leverans: 2-3 vardagar Fri Frakt

Not content to have created a stunning reproduction of the Binson Echorec, Catalinbread has tackled the insurmountable task of recreating the Echoplex EP-3, the legendary tape echo used by everyone from Jimmy Page to Eddie Van Halen.

Catalinbread has stayed extremely faithful to the characteristics of the EP-3, and effect that was known for making your signal sound great even when it was in bypass! The Belle Epoch has the same subtle tone-shaping effect and slight boost as the original. Additionally, CB designed this pedal to create the same degradation of repeats as the EP-3 and also tips its hat to the sound of the tape head traveling across the tape—no detail was spared in recreating the sound and experience of a real EP-3 Echoplex. You’ll be wondering how they stuffed all that tape in the box.

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Features

Mix, Rec Level, Sway, Echo Sustain, Echo Delay
80ms-800ms delay time
Internal trimpot allows you to preset the gain and volume
Internal switch allows selecting between true bypass and trails
9vDC-18vDC power jack
Made in Portland, OR!

Tillverkare Catalinbread

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