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CV30 Carmen Vandenberg Signature

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Designed in partnership with Carmen Vandenberg the CV30 effortlessly delivers her wide-ranging styles from melodic clean to industrial aggression. The two versatile channels create tones that will inspire you to plug in and play, or be your perfect pedal platform. Carmen is an incredible guitarist, whose playing ranges from melodic clean to industrial aggression, but whichever style she plays she brings a musicality and tone to her performance that excites and inspires. She has been playing Blackstar amps since 2016 and we wanted to create an amp for her that is as unique and amazing as she is.


  • Power 30W
  • Valves 2 x ECC83, 2 x 6L6
  • Channels 2
  • Voices American Clean, British Clean, Classic Overdrive, Modern Overdrive
  • EQ Channel 1; Volume, Tone - Channel 2; Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF
  • Patented ISF Y (Channel 2)
  • Reverb Y (Dark and Light)
  • Line Inputs Y (Speaker Emulated)
  • USB N
  • Series Effects Loop Y
  • Footswitchable Y (Included 2-Way footswitch)
  • Speaker 1 x 12” Celestion V-Type
Tillverkare Blackstar

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