Tillverkare 65Amps

Colour Boost

2495,00 kr
Leverans: 2-3 vardagar Fri Frakt

An evolution of the 1960's-era germanium treble booster, the 65amps Colour Boost germanium boost pedel will end your quest for that indefinable classic tone. Stomp on the Colour Boost and your amp will be pushed to its breaking point, supercharging your tone with sustain and harmonics. You'll swear that your amp is on the brink of feedback! Also, if you roll back your guitar's volume, you can obtain that elusive "Ticket to Ride" clean tone! With modern attention to build quality, noise floor, and sensitivity, the 65amps Colour Boost germanium boost pedal will set your tone on fire!

Tillverkare 65Amps

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