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65Amps Soho Head Red
65Amps är förmodligen en av världens bästa point-to-point rörförstärkare! Tänk dig en Vox eller Fender från sextiotalet, men byggd med moderna komponenter så närmar du dig! Naturligtvis helt handbyggd i California. Sagolikt bra..

Soho är 65Amps egen kameleont som kan låta riktigt klassisk americana, men även klassisk brittisk ton. När Bump (boost) aktiveras så byter stärkaren mellan EF86 eller 12AX7 på ett otroligt snyggt sätt! Slutrör på Soho är EL84. Spelar ruskigt starkt, men låter fullt ut som en klass A rörförstärkare på lägre volym tack vare Dan Bouls fantastiska Master Voltage krets. Spelar fullt även på 3 watt!

Andra features;

* Footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch för 8? & 16? impedance
* Bump Level & Master Voltage
* Footswitch ingår!

Finns även som combo!

Designed to be a super-functional amp for working players and enthusiasts who desire widely varied tones in one amp. The SoHo can transition seamlessly from the best of American tones to the sweetest British tones via the Bump™ function and NOT switching channels. The Bump™ will radically shift the tone-stack functionality achieving astonishing renditions of dozens of excellent, natural sounds.

In addition to the Bump™ function, we also put our "Master Voltage"™ knob on it that will reduce the B+ voltage and output in the amp in a unique way that keeps the internal tube relationships perfect while keeping the filament voltage up. After seeing all other power schemes' shortcomings, we've come at this from a different angle and we're very pleased with the results. You can dial this amp down to 3 watts output WITHOUT losing tone, feel, vocabulary, authority, etc.

This amp is a must for studio players, small club gigs and enthusiasts who need to play at reduced volumes. Widely adopted by studio players, sidemen, and producers as a "go-to" amp for recording and gigging. Upon release, the SoHo went on a dozen major tours and is widely used on major-label recordings on a regular basis.

The SoHo is available with either 20 Watts and 2xEL84 power tubes or as the SoHo HP with 35 Watts and 4xEL84 power tubes. Choose your weapon!

Output: 20 Watts
Tubes: Power amp 2xEL84, Preamp EF86-12AX7
Speakers: Celestion Alnico Blue + G12H30
Panel controls: Volume, Treble, Bass, Booster, Bump™, Bump Tone™, Bump Level™, Master Voltage™
Extras: Footswitch input jack, dual speaker outs, switch for 8? & 16? impedance
Cabinet: Finger-jointed Baltic birch
Dimensions: Head: 27.75" L x 8.5" D x10.5" H / 26.4 lbs.; 212 Cab or Combo 27 .75" W x 10" D x 21.5" H; 412 Cab: 27.75" W x 14" D x 28.5" H Accessories: Footswitch included
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